What the heck is going on at airport immigration?

NAIA Terminal 3 (Wikimedia Commons)

As if the situation in our airports weren’t bad enough, reports of two immigration-related incidents have further dented the image of Philippine air travel.

First, a report of an immigration officer using information supplied through the immigration forms to text a passenger a few hours after entering the country. In the alleged incident, the traveler recalled the event through a Facebook post. The post, via When in Manila:

I passed through immigration at NAIA 3 today at around 1230pm. I filled out the required forms which were then received by the immigration officer – no fuss, easy peasy. One hour later, I received this text. This public officer used my personal CONFIDENTIAL information for his own personal use. I find this to be very disturbing – an extreme invasion of privacy. I had my home address written on that form!!! Does anyone know anyone who works for immigration? I hope you can pass this on to the proper authorities. Thanks

And the actual text itself:

(Screen capture via


As bad as this looks though, it still pales in comparison to the second incident, as reported by ABS-CBN. In the report which includes video of the incident, an immigration officer is seen arguing and fighting with a female passenger. In an interview with ABS-CBN, NAIA Terminal 3 Manager Octavio Lina identified the immigration agent as Benjie Magallon and confirmed that the passenger in the video was a Chinese citizen arriving on a Cebu Pacific flight from Beijing.

Incident reports from the individuals involved have yet to be released, but Lina went on to say that the Chinese citizen was subject to deportation for violating immigration laws in the Philippines.

No official statement from the Bureau of Immigration has been released on both incidents.