What do Filipinos value most in life?



The Philippines is a country where the “Pwede na” attitude is prevalent. Many of us draw satisfaction from simply getting by: eating full meals, sending children to school, working for a decent paycheck, maintaining healthy lifestyles, and having access to basic resources like electricity and water.

According to an infographic by international moving company Movehub, among the choices of Safety, Housing, Jobs, Income, Work-Life Balance, Life Satisfaction, Health, Education, Community, and Environment, what matters most to Filipinos is life satisfaction.

Movehub used data from a study made by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) Better Life Index for 2015. The study, whose respondents are internet users, is still ongoing. So far, data for the Philippines is based on 174 respondents.

The OECD defines life satisfaction as how people evaluate their lives as a whole rather than their current feelings.


Among our Southeast Asian neighbors, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Thailand also value life satisfaction. The infographic shows that developed countries like Canada, the US, and the UK choose life satisfaction as well.

Further data from the OECD’s website shows that for Filipinos, health comes in second, followed by work-life balance.

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