Watch how the Japanese clean their trains in only 7 minutes

(YouTube/ tokyo)

(YouTube/ tokyo)


The MRT system in the Philippines has gotten so bad that you can now avail of an incident report to present to your employer or school for every time you’re delayed by the aging trains. And if the MRT constantly breaking down wasn’t bad enough, the Philippine National Railways (PNR) also suspended its own operations citing safety concerns, although it is expected to resume service in the near future. These incidents can make Filipinos long for the days when our trains were functioning properly. But even during the days when we had more than seven (!) trains running along EDSA, cleanliness has never been our strong suit. For one thing, our stations have some terrible restrooms that have only began rehabilitation recently.

As a country, it seems as though trains in general just might not be our expertise, unlike Japan which seems to have trains running through their blood. Back when the MRT was still functioning, it was not surprisingly a Japanese company that maintained it. If you need more evidence of just how good the Japanese are with their trains, you only need to see this video showing how their bullet trains are cleaned in exactly seven minutes. Captured by an American journalist, it documents the strategic cleaning of the interior of trains, with one person assigned to clean over 100 seats, taking only 12 seconds to clean a row.



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