The funnest family reunion ever is happening on Twitter right now



Admit it: you make up excuses just to skip family reunions. As much as possible, you want to avoid stories about the silly stuff you did with your pinsans, or being asked questions pertaining to your love life. Just when you thought you’ve steered clear of your nosy relatives, they are now on Twitter to remind you how adorably annoying they can be.

First, there’s @TitasofManila, played by a bespectacled and pearl-necklaced (in short, tita-fied) Cynthia Villar. She likes wearing shawls, sending you pics of her beloved orchids, and semi-obsessing over the boy/girlfriend you do not have.


@Titos_Of_Manila is also present in the annual family reunion. Just like tita, tito keeps harping on about your (non-existent) boy/girlfriend, constantly asking questions about their work, or their educational attainment, or whether they have pure intentions for his beloved pamangkin. Tito also likes cars and Michael Learns to Rock.




Tito’s brother @DadsOfManila is your Dad personified: making you laugh with his silly dance moves,and fussing over his favorite basketball team. He is very concerned about your well-being, constantly reminding you to sleep early, so that he can peacefully harvest his crops in FarmVille.


Dad’s better half @MomsOfManila, played by no other than Pambansang Nanay Susan Africa, insists she’s a cool mom, not a regular mom, that is why she joined Twitter. (Another reason is she stalks your social media accounts.) Mom still remembers the members of That’s Entertainment. Yes, all five days, from the Monday to Friday groups. That said, you love her anyway, so much that you keep using her bath accessories.  




Your noble yaya @YayasOfManila, who has been taking care of you since you were in kindergarten is also on Twitter now, only a bit sassier. Just like Mom, she is still getting the hang of the latest trends in music and social media. Despite always turning your supposed crispy bacon into charred, burnt piece of meat, being of service to your family is more than enough reason for her to be a part of it.



With several other (actual) Humans, cats, and dogs of Manila making noise on the Internet, we can’t help but wonder who else isn’t on social media these days.

We bet someone is setting up The Church of Mystica Cassidy, Manila as you’re reading this.

And if you are thinking of making @ManilaConyos, @ManilaBasic, and @BekisOfManila, sorry, but these are already taken as well.