The most googled Filipino ‘product’ is…

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We associate certain “products” with certain countries. For instance, manpower, maids, and *gasp* prostitution are just some of the things that the Philippines is believed to have plenty of.

But then, here comes a surprise revelation: A study reveals that people don’t exactly search the web for Filipino service workers.

Cost-estimating website created a map of the most-Googled items for every country based on its auto-complete word search formula of “How much does product x cost in country y?”

Given Google’s search analytics, the study isn’t really scientific. However, it gives us an idea of how each country is perceived by the rest of the world.

Based on the map, people want to know how much it costs to retire in the Philippines.


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This isn’t very surprising though. Last year, Dumaguete made it to Forbess and Overseas Retirement Letter‘s lists of ideal places to retire in, citing low cost of living and seaside settings as retirement-worthy factors.


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