The Keeper of the Finds at NAIA can return your missing items

(Flickr/Creative Commons/eesti)


Have you recently lost something at NAIA? Stop worrying because chances are, your lost item is safely being kept by the airport’s “keeper of the finds.”

Who would’ve thought that your prized possessions—cash, cellphone, laptop, luggage, what have you—are not actually en route to Greenhills as you hysterically lose your cool next to the conveyor belt?

According to a report by the Inquirer, the “keeper of the finds” is the lost-and-find department of the Intelligence and Investigation Division (IID). They’re responsible for locating the owners of left-behind or unclaimed belongings, the most common of which are cellphones and other electronic devices.

Including sex toys.

Every day, about 10-15 items are brought to the IID. These things are kept for six months, but if, after thorough investigation, the IID fails to locate their owners, the items will be “forfeited in favor of the government”—the valuables are put up for bidding, while the not-so valuables such as towels and toiletries are sent to charity.

Contact the IID if you are worried sick about the item you lost at the airport. Just make sure that your missing item is recoverable, unlike, you know, your broken heart.




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