TAGALIGTAS: Powerful and moving tributes to the Fallen 44



January 30 has been declared as a National Day of Mourning to honor the deaths of the 44 PNP-SAF members who died in Maguindanao last Sunday. Necrological services for the slain men, led by President Aquino, were held at Camp Bagong Diwa today.

The President called the men “heroes” in his televised national address on Wednesday night.

However, the President’s absence during the arrival honors for the SAF members, held the following day, has drawn public criticism. The hashtag #NasaanAngPangulo? remains a trending topic in social media.

Friends and relatives of the Fallen 44 delivered their eulogies at the necrological services. Overwhelmed with emotion, they paid their last respects to their slain brothers, husbands, friends, and colleagues: men who will be remembered by Filipinos as heroes who stood up for peace.





OIC PNP-SAF C/Supt. Noli G. Taliño

Was it worth it? The hunt for one international terrorist led to 44 deaths. I’m sure that if you asked them, they will say it was worth it. Because they had saved many lives.


Erica Pabalinas, Wife of PNP Inspector Ryan Pabalinas

All I ask right now is justice, not only for my husband, but for everyone who fought and fell…For the grieving wives just like me, let us be strong for our children. Because behind every brave SAF trooper is a strong wife.


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