Surviving singlehood: 11 #FebruaryHugot tweets that will make Valentine’s Day less lonely

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Valentine’s Day is coming. Naturally, your social media feed is filling up with #hugot quotes. February is when bitter singles let the whole world know that not everyone has someone to get mushy with on Valentine’s Day, or for the rest of the month.

Or the year.

Or forever.

Or the next lifetime.

But bitter singles have found a way to overcome their loneliness—and that is by congregating on Twitter to make good fun of themselves. As they say, “Misery loves company.”


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You know what’s better than a boyfriend or a girlfirend? PIZZA.


But then…


That’s because


Sometimes bitter singles can’t help themselves.


Is bitterness unattractive?


But ampalaya is good for your skin!


So what if you’re single? Just take it from Taylor Swift.



Because someday you will find love.


And it will be totally worth it.


Now if you can’t tweet your #hugot, why don’t you wear it instead?



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