Spotlight: BuwanBuwan Collective


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Get to know one of the country’s premiere electronic music organizations as we shine the spotlight on them this month. To kick off Spotlight, we start with a primer on BuwanBuwan Collective—through a brief interview with the members themselves.

For those who aren’t familiar with you guys, please introduce BuwanBuwan Collective! What is your collective all about?

BUWANBUWAN COLLECTIVE: Honestly, BuwanBuwan is just a bunch of friends who share a passion for electronic music. Most of us met through school, gigs, or sites like Myspace and Soundcloud. We chose the term “collective” because we know it can be used loosely. We’re not a label, we’re not a band, but we constantly exchange creative ideas—and test them at our Bakunawa Nights held every 1st Thursday of the month at Black Market (free entrance!).

How did BuwanBuwan Collective come into being?

BBC: On May 1, 2012, Similar Objects, BIN5, LikeAnimals, and kaiju started a very fateful Yahoo Messenger conference. They talked about building a platform where we could be free to make and play whatever music we wanted.

Why “BuwanBuwan”? Who thought of the name and what does it mean for you guys?

BBC: At first we called ourselves Rubik Collective, but [upon] getting everyone’s input, we agreed on something Nights of Rizal dug up. “Buwan-buwan” is a traditional Filipino game based on the myth of the lunar eclipse, where every player has a chance to be the Bakunawa—the giant sea serpent who eats the moon.


How does BuwanBuwan Collective choose people to work with or potential new members?

BBC: We’re a collective, which means we don’t have a boss, which also means we don’t have anyone but ourselves to rely on. So for us, being passionate about our music also means doing a lot of non-musical stuff: writing, shooting, designing, and event-organizing. We’re pretty DIY—and not just when it comes to making tracks—so we reach out to people who share the same mindset.



How did the regular BuwanBuwan-related event Bakunawa start out?

BBC: Because the gig venues we used to play at were pretty biased towards either band set-ups or Top 40 DJs, we decided we’d play by our own rules. Bakunawa is our playground, where we can fully express ourselves. The first one was held at SaGuijo on May 30, 2012 and there were like 30 people watching. Then, we started doing monthly Bakunawas—we’re called BuwanBuwan, after all—first at Arts in The City, and now at Black Market. We’re amazed that over the years our audience has grown to an average of a hundred per show!

How else has BuwanBuwan Collective grown from when you guys started? What are your future plans for the collective?

BBC: Since 2012 we’ve been steadily building our music and our audiences. So far we’ve got over 40 members from Manila, Laguna, Davao, and Cagayan de Oro; and our satellite shows outside Manila have been well-received! This 2014, we’re focused on taking what we’ve already built to larger stages and bigger crowds. Expect more shows in more established venues. We’re breaking a lot of new ground this year!


This story originally appeared on Amplify.ph

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