These 10 OPM songs were popular 10 years ago



What were you up to 10 years ago? Back then, cellphones and music players were separate gadgets that filled our pockets. Multitasking was hard because of dial-up internet. Friendster was the stalking medium of choice. iTunes was reserved for iPods, and Limewire provided us with our (illegal) music fix.

Long before Donnalyn Bartolome, KZ Tandingan, Chicser, and Daniel Padilla hit the airwaves, these songs and artists dominated the OPM scene in 2005.


Mang Jose – Parokya ni Edgar

Where are they now? PNE is still alive and kicking, doing music, tours, and gigs, minus their original member and backup vocalist Vinci Montaner who left the band in 2012. Despite the separation, the members are still the best of friends. Their latest album Bente was launched last year.


The Day You Said Goodnight – Hale

Where are they now? Since their single Waltz in 2007, the band seemed to fade out of the radar. But they have gotten back together this January, to the delight of their old and new fans.


Jeepney – Sponge Cola

Where are they now? Since becoming famous for their “Crazy for You” cover, the band now has five studio albums and numerous number one singles under their sleeves. They released their latest album Ultrablessed last year.


Same Ground – Kitchie Nadal

Where is she now? She actually continued making music after her stints in GMA’s Celebrity Duets and Majika, and her version of Apo Hiking Society’s “Pag-Ibig.” Last 2013, she released her newest album Malaya. She also married her Spanish boyfriend just this March, wearing a PHP 799 wedding dress.


Stay – Cueshe

Where are they now? The band still does tours and gigs around the country to promote their album Life, released in 2010. They are also set to launch a new single anytime soon.


You’ll Be Safe Here – Rivermaya

Where are they now? The popular 90s band has undergone several changes throughout the years. Rico Blanco, the band’s frontman at the time, left the band in 2007 and went on to become a solo artist. The remaining members of the band (Mark Escueta, Mike Elgar, Norby David), for the meantime, are taking turns doing vocals.


Bright Lights – Billy Crawford

Where is he now? He is a host of It’s Showtime!, Your Face Sounds Familiar, and Pilipinas Got Talent.


Akap – Imago

Where are they now? Their newest album Effect Desired None was launched in 2010. Three years later, their long-time vocalist Aia de Leon took off and went solo. She was replaced by Mayumi Gomez.


Hanggang Kailan – Orange and Lemons

Where are they now? The band disbanded in 2007. Clem Castro, the band’s vocalist and guitarist formed the three-man band The Camerawalls after leaving, while the three remaining members formed Kenyo.


Hallelujah – Bamboo

Where are they now? They disbanded in 2011, with their frontman Bamboo Mañalac currently pursuing a solo career. He is also one of the four judges of The Voice of the Philippines. The remaining members regrouped and formed Hijo in 2012.


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  • Kevin Puno

    “Long before Donnalyn Bartolome, KZ Tandingan, Chicser, and Daniel Padilla hit the airwaves, these songs and artists dominated the OPM scene in 2005.”

    Tang ina pakipaliwanag kelan nag dominate ang chicser?