‘Passenger Shaming’ tells the most horrible airplane stories

(Facebook/ PassengerShaming)


We’ve all had our fair share of commuting and travelling nightmares: hellish EDSA traffic, the MRT failing to bring us to our destination, black smoke pumping out of decades-old ordinary buses, kaskasero jeepneys, and of course, inconsiderate fellow passengers.

Sure, we try our best to be kind and considerate with co-passengers, but the people featured in Passenger Shaming are an entirely different story.

Also on Instagram, Passenger Shaming is meant for, you guessed it—shaming airplane passengers who have no regard for other people on the flight, especially for the cabin crew members who keep them nicely tucked and comfortable on the plane.


The pictures featured in the page are anonymously taken by flight attendants and fellow passengers on board.


They look like they had the flight of their lives, at the expense of the poor flight attendants and their fellow passengers.



Yes, people like them exist.



In the end, Passenger Shaming only has four words of advice to all you jet-setters: “Don’t end up here.”