Oddest hangover cures from around the world, including balut

Does it actually work? (Screen capture via

How does some sheep lung and owl egg sound after a long night of partying? Ok, maybe that doesn’t sound too appealing.

Perhaps some sparrow droppings in a glass of Emperador?

If you’re still not feeling it, Cheapflights UK, an internet-based travel website, has compiled this neat infographic with 12 of the oddest cures for a hangover from around the world. Even cooler? Our very own balut is on it! While opinions are still mixed on whether balut actually works as a hangover cure or not, the rest of items are definitely worth a read.

If some of the cures seem too crazy to believe, well, that’s probably because they are.

Danny Ashton, a designer for UK-based graphic design company NeoMam which created the project for Cheapflights, confessed that the list isn’t backed by scientific research.

“We’ve all tried an English fry up but the other remedies we researched online. Funnily enough no one was keen to try out the birds droppings,” he said.