The New Bilibid Resort and Spa vs Metro Manila Hotels showdown


Several high-profile inmates were discovered to be living like kings hot-shot rappers in the New Bilibid Prison Resort and Spa in Muntinlupa City.

“It’s beyond disgusting,” said Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, to the collective response of “No shit” by the entire Filipino population.

Among the contraband items discovered in their detention cells were flat screen TVs, a Jacuzzi, and split-type air-conditioners. And in true sex, drugs, and rap ‘n’ roll fashion: a stripper pole, an inflatable sex doll, and shabu. Floyd Mayweather would be proud of these guys.

Compared to what an average detainee or prisoner has to endure, the discovery seems almost comical. A 60 square meter music studio with an elevated stage? Senators Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla must feel pretty cheated; their detention cells measure 32 square meters, bathroom included.

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Lawmaker and thespian Bong Revilla would be especially furious. He can’t make movies in his cell, but erstwhile robbery supreme leader Herbert “Ampang” Colangco is making platinum albums right under our noses. Heck, it’s been on YouTube all this time!

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So many #feelz

“I have a feeling…For three weeks now, we have been in the air na may ganyan (that there is something like that),” said Bureau of Corrections Director Franklin Bucayu, in an interview with ANC.

A feeling. For. Three. Weeks.


July 12, 2014, The Philippine Daily Inquirer

“Another VIP at NBP” by Ramon Tulfo

Another convicted drug lord, Dionisio Borromeo Jr., is allegedly pampered at the New Bilibid Prisons (NBP) thanks to Corrections Director Franklin Bucayu, according to an NBP birdie.

Borromeo reportedly sleeps in an air-conditioned room with a bathroom and kitchen. The room is connected to a wireless fidelity Internet (Wi-Fi), which means he has access to a computer.

The convict is not covered by visiting hours; visitors have been seen coming in and out of his room. Our NBP birdie said Borromeo, a former official of the Philippine National Police, has been sentenced to life imprisonment for drug trafficking and the manufacture of illegal drugs.


The New Bilibid Resort and Spa



If this list of “the most comfortable prisons in the world” were to be updated, New Bilibid would take the number one spot, and it wouldn’t even be close. In fact, forget other prisons, some of the amenities inside Bilibid can rival some of the fanciest hotels in Metro Manila.

Don’t believe us?

Check out this showdown between New Bilibid Resort and Spa versus high-end hotel rooms* across Metro Manila.

*Room specifications were obtained from the lowest tier of accommodations available for each hotel, based on their respective websites.


Room area

New World Makati – 34 sqm

Diamond Hotel – 40 sqm

Fairmont Makati – 40 sqm

Hyatt Regency Manila – not specified

New Bilibid Resort and Spa – 60 sqm (music studio only)


TV set

New World Makati – 37″

Diamond Hotel – not specified

Fairmont Makati – 40-46″

Hyatt Regency Manila – 32″

New Bilibid Resort and Spa – 48″



New World Makati – Free wifi

Diamond Hotel – Free wifi for 3 hours

Fairmont Makati – Pay for wifi

Hyatt Regency Manila – Free wifi

New Bilibid Resort and Spa – Has wifi, wifi signal boosters, and internet broadband sticks


Bathroom fixtures

New World Makati – Bathtub

Diamond Hotel – No bathtub

Fairmont Makati – Bathtub

Hyatt Regency Manila – Bathtub

New Bilibid Resort and Spa – Jacuzzi with TV


Entertainment system

New World Makati – Cable

Diamond Hotel – Cable

Fairmont Makati – Unspecified multimedia system

Hyatt Regency Manila – DVD player

New Bilibid Resort and Spa – PlayStation 4 and inflatable sex doll


Private in-room sauna facility

New World Makati – None

Diamond Hotel – None

Fairmont Makati – None

Hyatt Regency Manila – None

New Bilibid Resort and Spa – You betcha!


Music studio

New World Makati – None

Diamond Hotel – None

Fairmont Makati – None

Hyatt Regency Manila – None

New Bilibid Resort and Spa – #LikeABoss

A note on the music studio: After all, how can the Rolex-wearing certified platinum artist-slash-high profile robbery supreme leader Herbert C produce this music video without all the necessary equipment?



His music studio comes with an electronic keyboard and a complete set of drums. And just admire the wonderful HD quality of that video…

Meanwhile, the authorities have yet to find where Herbert keeps his stash of Viva Glam MAC Lipsticks.

So, who wins the showdown?




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