This video sums up how dysfunctional Philippine public transportation is

The lines just keep getting longer. (Paulo Ordoveza with modifications/ Flickr/

While all eyes are glued on the Skyway Stage 3 Project along Osmeña Highway, thousands of Metro Manila residents are having to endure an even more grueling commute each morning: the ridiculously long lines at MRT train stations.

It may not have the fanfare and pomp of a multi-billion peso elevated highway project, but the sheer quantity of people trying to get to work each morning through the MRT system is just as staggering. Unfortunately for these people, relief isn’t really coming anytime soon.

Unlike the PHP 26.7 billion Skyway Project and the PHP 15.5 billion NAIA Expressway Project, both of which broke ground this week, train commuters can thank a Makati Regional Trial Court judge for issuing a restraining order on the purchase of new trains for the system. It’s a complicated scenario with conflicts between the existing operator and the government, but users don’t really want to hear any of that. With almost 600,000 people riding from a design capacity of 350,000, people don’t want to hear explanations — they just want more trains.

The video, uploaded Jan. 29, 2014, runs approximately 1:21 and features a seemingly never-ending stream of people queuing up to get inside the train station while Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” plays in the background. In fact, the single continuous shot of people is so long, the video is able to completely clear the chorus of the song before the line finally starts to fizzle out.