Behold! The MRT speaks.



Commuting in Metro Manila is an everyday struggle. In fact, struggle is an understatement. Every day we wake up full of enthusiasm and excitement for the new day ahead.

That is, until we pass along EDSA. The energy from the tapsilog you ate for breakfast slowly winds down the drain.

It doesn’t stop there: the long and lasting (love?) line forming in front of the MRT station will lick off whatever’s left of your strength, leaving you withered and all dried up. And it’s just 8 in the morning.

Yesterday afternoon, more than 30 passengers were hurt when an MRT coach was derailed, causing it to slam against the metal stopper at the Taft Avenue station.

The MRT serves more than 500,000 people everyday, and the accident is only one of the countless WTF-is-going-on-here-DOTC?! rants from commuters.

Despite the worrisome state of trains and public transportation in general, @akosiMRT, which was born out of yesterday’s mishap, could be the voice of those 500,000 MRT riders. It injects humor to commuters’ woes, somehow lightening their mood while being crushed inside an MRT coach.



Apparently, the MRT 3 was also caught up with the bonfire craze that the UP Fighting Maroons started last weekend.  


The UP Bonfire should reply ASAP.

To date, the account only has 37 followers. But really, everyone should be following it.


In the end, the MRT 3 account makes sense of everything that is happening to its passengers. Kaya pala.