Malaysian celebrity chef says Filipino food is the worst in Asia


“Philippines is known to have the worst food in Asia, ask any chef [sic] and they will tell you I am right,” said Chef Wan, culinary ambassador of Tourism Malaysia.

His statement refers to a recent CNN poll asking “Which destination has the best food?”

The Philippines snagged the second spot, following Taiwan.


Chef Wan, who believes that a country’s cuisine should be reflective of its culture, said the online poll should have been topped by Malaysia.

(Perhaps the chef should have rallied more Malaysians to vote on the poll?)

“I see food as varieties and flavours that reflect the culture and food, and that is why Malaysia should be the first world’s best food destination,” he said.

Influenced by Spanish and Asian cuisine, Filipino food can be hard to describe.

But that shouldn’t make Filipino food “the worst,” right?

Other celebrity chefs are fans of Pinoy food. Anthony Bourdain has high praise for the Philippines’ pork dishes such as sisig and lechon. And in 2012, Andrew Zimmern notably called Filipino food as “the next big thing.”

With all the international attention that Filipino food is getting now, Zimmern could actually be right.

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  • NK

    He must have brought great shame on Malaysia with his attitude.

  • Rui

    “ask any chef [sic] and they will tell you I am right”
    What a lazy reason lmao. Even more funny that he’s getting mad over a lame poll on the internet.