Armed with 3-D printers and construction tools, this NGO is teaching Yolanda victims how to rebuild better



A year after Typhoon Yolanda (International name Haiyan) ravaged through Tacloban and other parts of Visayas, the process of rebuilding is still very much underway.

Just recently, President Noynoy Aquino has FINALLY signed the Php 170.9 billion rehabilitation master plan for the city. Despite the obvious government delay, some of the rebuilding has been done by residents, with some help from non-government organizations.

One of the major dilemmas that Tacloban residents face are their houses: How will they rebuild them after the onslaught? Sure, they are determined to rise above the debris, but how and where will they begin?

Architects and interior designers have provided assistance, and to add to the growing list of groups aiding the region, Philippines Communitere has set up a Logistics Resource Center to help people rebuild their houses, so that they may finally leave their temporary bunkhouses and prison cells.

Philippines Communitere is a non-government organization that aims to improve disaster preparedness and emergency response. They recently set-up “The Makerspace,” which provides residents with all the tools and knowledge needed in building their new homes.



“The Makerspace” will hold classes such as woodworking, and furniture making. They also have a library where residents may borrow tools that they will need, including a 3D printer.



To know more about their innovation, watch their video here.

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