Kitchie Nadal wore a 799-peso dress to her wedding

(Instagram @mangored_studios)


Following the bewildering hype stirred by “The Dress” last week, here comes another dress-related story: Singer Kitchie Nadal’s wedding dress apparently cost 799 pesos, and she bought it from a mall in Makati.

It was the first dress she tried and it “fit [her] perfectly.”

This was according to photographer and celebrity reporter Niña Sandejas, who attended Kitchie’s wedding in Cebu.

Kitchie married Carlos Lopez, a Spanish NGO volunteer.

Considering all the lavish celebrity weddings we’ve seen in the past few months, Kitchie’s simple celebration is a breath of fresh air.

“The story about the dress floored everyone, and this should show all brides around the world that sometimes, it’s about the woman and not the dress,” wrote Sandejas.


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  • reg

    such a humble tv personality. i admire this woman.

    best wishes to the newly weds!