Ang taong sawi, sa quotes bumabawi: 10-peso stickers everyone should have

(Courtesy Joanna Queddeng)


The philosophy of Kedeng Stickers is simple: if you can’t say it, stick it.

The brainchild of Joanna “Deng” Queddeng, Kedeng Stickers sells stickers that tell it like it is.

Ranging from the sad and funny, the inspirational and sawi, her stickers are simple but powerful, raw and brutally honest.



“Kedeng Stickers was born out of a personal desire: I wanted my own stickers, so I created some for myself. When friends and friends of friends started asking about them, that’s when my stickers became a small business. Until now, I consider making stickers a hobby—nothing serious but still fun.”



“Stickers are cheaper to make and it requires a small capital to begin with. I was considering making shirts, digital prints or bags before, but I didn’t know how I would stand out from similar merchandise, so I decided to stick with stickers. I did sell pins before.”



“In the future, I want to improve Kedeng Stickers’ operations. As of now, I make stickers only during my free time and I handle everything on my own. I wish to diversify what I could offer and be serious with it.”




Kedeng Stickers merchandise are sold from Php10-50. You can place your orders via its official Facebook page.