Jollibee is Thrillist’s best international restaurant chain



2014 has been a mixed year for Jollibee. They had a widespread problem a few months ago with deliveries and store inventories that left a lot of people #Chickensad. On the other hand, they’ve won a bunch of awards, they’ve been featured in Buzzfeed, they’re expanding at a blistering rate, and people still can’t get enough of their chicken.

Now comes another award: The best international restaurant chain as ranked by

Thrillist is one of the leading US sites on food and travel, and they compiled a list of 16 of the best international restaurant chains that have set up shop in the US.

Among some of the names that Jollibee beat out were Ippudo, which recently opened in Manila, and Singapore’s Toast Box, which also has branches in Metro Manila.

So why did the Thrillist choose our favorite bee for their top spot?

 In the pantheon of nationally treasured fast-food mascots, Ronald McDonald will always take the cake. Followed by Grimace, because that guy’s chill as f*ck. But in a close third, it’s Jollibee — basically, he’s a giant anthropomorphic red bee who’s one of the most recognizable figures in the Philippines, and with good reason. This guy slings Filipino comfort food (tuna pies!! SPAM sandwiches!! Spicy fried chicken!!) at over 2,000 locations worldwide, including a few locations stateside. Look out, Grimace.



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