Jollibee is so popular in Dubai they had to introduce a ticketing system to manage crowds

Opening week in Jollibee Dubai. (Twitter/Jollibee)


Jollibee opened its first store in the Middle East in May to a box-office crowd. Reports at the time told stories of thousands of Filipinos flocking from other cities to catch a glimpse of the beloved Filipino fast food. Considering how deeply ingrained into our culture the Bee is, it wasn’t so surprising that the launch would draw that many people. Still, over a month after its launch, the Philippines’ national Bee is still attracting thousands of customers as if it were Disneyland.

Just how packed is it? So packed that Jollibee has been using a ticketing system to keep things orderly.

As Ramzy Al-Teher writes for, a Middle East-based site that covers technology, entertainment, and business, “To put this frenzy into perspective: it’s the only restaurant in the Dubai Mall food court with a ticketing system for customers to wait for their turns.”

In the Zomato page for Jollibee Dubai, customers wrote about their experiences in trying to get a taste of Chickenjoy and other favorites. The stories follow a familiar theme: they travel hours and at odd times, hoping to catch a break in the crowd.

“Got lucky when me and my husband went here last thurs @ around 11:30 am,as there was not much people waiting to order unlike when it opened and during friday’s. I think after 30 mins we are already savoring our meal (not like other days that they will wait for like 3-5 hrs just to order),” said one review.

Another one, wasn’t quite so lucky:

“So.. Thinking I’d get lucky on a weekday and going a bit late we landed up at the Dubai Mall at 9.45 pm…….😥😥😥😥……….11.50 Pm and FOOD!!!!
Longest time I ever waited for my dinner.. At one point.. Me eating the token ( yes, you are given a token and you are called to order after 1 hour ) was a thought that passed my mind.”

Still, despite the long wait, almost all had the same thing to say in the end:

“The only thing was the reward at the end was well worth the wait…”

“eating food that tasted like they do in my home country philippines is surreal!”


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