If Philippine presidents had Tinder profiles


For better or for worse, Tinder has greatly changed the dating landscape.The app lets you reach thousands of eligible singles around the world using your phone. And as Tinder digs its roots deeper into modern culture, more and more people are signing up for a chance at digital romance and rejection.

Tinder is mostly criticized for its superficial jab at establishing human connections. Because can you really judge a person’s character based on a few filtered photos, a short bio, and their Facebook preferences?

Maybe not, but that’s precisely what Tinder gets right: Our tendency to make quick judgments based on first impressions and perceived chemistry.

Making a successful Tinder profile lies in your ability to sell yourself well. Like choosing which politicians we should vote for, we shamelessly decide which people to match with based on the image they project, indicated by telling criteria such as looks, interests, convincing pitches, funny jokes, and witty one-liners.

If Philippine presidents had Tinder profiles, which of them would you swipe right?


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