Giniling Festival’s Pabrikanta



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Frontman Jeje Santos of Giniling Festival talks about their new album and video series, Pabrikanta. 


What is the title of this new album/show? When is it launching?

It’s called Pabrikanta—mash-up siya ng “pabrika” at “kanta.” So yun na essentially yung concept. It’s not an album per se, it’s a YouTube show which will be releasing the album bit by bit. It’s two songs per month, and then one song per bi-weekly episode. We have 12 songs for one season. You can follow the releases on the Giniling Festival Facebook and YouTube pages.

The first episode was released June 12. Every 2 weeks, live yung release sa at nung show. When the show is up, andun na agad yungdownload link.


Bakit ganito ang naisip niyong paraan para mag-release ng mga bagong kanta? Why not stick to the traditional album format?

Kasi the old way is boring. Parang ilang beses na din naming napag-isipan kung ano’ng gagawin namin.We’re not even playing as of now—we haven’t been playing for a while because I personally don’t think it’s loud enough just to be playing. It’s not as loud anymore—not physically loud but essentially loud, in terms of making our music for music fans to hear. So, we thought of putting up the YouTube show kasi it’s easier. Sa tingin ko mas malakas; mas magiging maingay siya kaysa putting out all these songs at one time and then waiting, and then suddenly magde-decay na agad siya next month.



So on top of the new song every two weeks, Giniling Festival will be working on videos to showcase each one. Are these essentially music videos or will each episode be different?

Video-documentary-trip yung format ng YouTube show. In terms of how we’re gonna present it, parang hodge podge. Wild siyakung ano-ano ang mangyayari. There’s the song na, of course, and then there’s a one minute intro na hindi pa namin alam kung ano kasi yung editors namin are really the producers ng show. Binabato lang namin kung ano yung nakukuha namin sa video. Like true YouTubers, we film ourselves. We use phones and handycams.

Malakas lang loob namin. It’s all about songs. We know that we have the songs that our fans want to hear, and then some. With Pabrikanta we’re trying na hindi lang sadyang isang genre ng rock yung papasukin namin. May K-pop kami, may R&B kami. We have a boy band song. We’re all just gonna put it in rock context or in Giniling Festival context, so parang ganunpara hindi boring yung show.


Is this Giniling Festival’s big project for this year, and maybe the foreseeable future?

For the next six months! Hopefully kapag okay siya may second season. We have the songs naman, pero hindi pa namin alam kung ilalabas naman namin siya as a second season kasi hindi pa naminalam kung magwo-work ito. It’ll only work if people share the songs and share the link to the YouTube channel.

Kumbaga we’re not trying to be musicians, we already are. We’re just trying to be YouTube stars. What does it mean to be a musician anyway other than just to make music?



Where do you see Giniling Festival in three years?

Three years? I bet we’ll have our own limousines from being YouTube stars. We’re probably gonna have mansions in Forbes from our money. We’ve still yet to make money from gigs because ganun talaga. Hahaha!


What if we asked you to look three years ago? Do you feel like the way you approached putting out music has changed, or has it always been that way?

Putting out music, I follow what the consumers demand. Making music is entirely different because making music is just there. The members of Giniling Festival don’t need to need to be in Giniling Festival to be musicians. They’re already musicians; I’m a musician even if we don’t put out music. It’s just a matter of how you want to put out their music. Do you have a take-out bin? Or a restaurant? Do you have an online ordering scheme? Pero ang importante, yung making music. Hindi siya mahirap sa amin, making music. It’s amazing for us, kasi I think that’s what it means to be a musician. To be a successful musician, you just have to be in music. A lot of musicans think they need to put out an album—a CD, a physical CD. It doesn’t need to be that way. You can be busking and be a musician.

Being commercially successful is entirely different.


This story first appeared on You can access the original story here.