Flappy Bird wrath from local players: it ruins lives

A pixelated bird has taken over. (Courtesy private Facebook user)

Move over Angry Birds, there’s a new bird in town that’s making everyone delirious, and it’s flapping its way to everyone’s insanity.

This chubby little bird has been causing agitation, frustration, and sleepless nights for those who play it. Flappy Bird, created by an indie game company called Gears, has hit sudden viral fame. The main goal is to tap the screen to make the bird “fly” while avoiding pipes. It sounds easy, but it’s not. The bird won’t hover, it won’t glide, and will ultimately fall to the ground if a wrong tap is made. Talk about being stiff.

Flappy Bird does not offer quick rewards. A player doesn’t even get new wings or extra lives even after hitting a score of 10 — that is if the player even gets to that number. One thing that the game gives is a myriad of frustrations posted on Twitter and Facebook, and we collected some of today’s reactions from local players. Look at them and decide if you still want to download the game:


A pixelated bird has taken over. (Courtesy private Facebook user)
Yup, you will regret it. (Courtesy private Facebook user)






That gut-wrenching feeling. (Courtesy private Facebook user)



It will keep you up at night. (Courtesy private Facebook user)







  • http://kenekthedots.wordpress.com Ken

    I hate this game. I’ve been playing it for days now, and it breaks my heart each time.

    • Gabriel la Ó

      haha i stopped trying after i got 2 points