PHOTOS: Local fast-food ads vs. real life servings

Wendy’s Cheeseburger and in real life. (Miguel Andres/ Pacifiqa)

Fast-food advertisements can be tricky — tricky and compelling enough for consumers to want to crave fast-food. Their ads make us see the most appealing forms of the food they sell: plump and juicy burgers, fluffy bread, creamy dressings, even an overload of toppings and cheese. We see these high-calorie choices being assembled or falling slowly on plates in commercials and looking sublime in billboards and posters. From burgers to hotdogs, meals and chicken wraps, fast-food chains have it all covered. The question though: does the food they serve transcend the image they present? Uncover — literally — how fast-food staples look like when placed side-by-side with their ad versions. Look through the photos and decide for yourself if reality meets the image they present, and find out which chains live up to their promises the closest. As a final disclaimer though: you have to hand it to these chains, the food tasted great no matter what they looked like.


KFC’s Twister wrap: the crispy-looking chicken tender isn’t really peeking out, unlike what the ad suggests.  (Miguel Andres/ Pacifiqa)


Wendy’s Cheeseburger: we’re not sure if they served us stuffed pandesal or an actual cheeseburger. (Miguel Andres/ Pacifiqa)


Chowking’s Golden Chinese Pork: perhaps the most impressive of them all. Kudos, Chowking! (Miguel Andres/ Pacifiqa)


Jollibee’s Jolly Hotdog: not too bad compared to the one on their menu, but a bit messier. (Miguel Andres/ Pacifiqa)


The McDonald’s Quarter Pounder: not quite there, but pretty close! (Miguel Andres/ Pacifiqa)




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  • Miguel

    You’re right about the Chow King one. Expectations were right on the money when it came to taste and looks. The quarter pounder may not look perfect, but it satisfies me every single time. A couple of other good ad-to-real-life comparisons are: Taco Bell’s crunchwrap, BK’s French Xtra Long Chicken sandwich, Zark’s Jawbreaker (dear Lord, this one. THIS ONE) and Mcdo’s Big ‘n’ Tasty actually looks pretty close and tastes really good as well.