Soon you won’t have to hide Facebook from your boss



Facebook helps expand our social circle, but it also makes us worry when applying for jobs. HR checks your social media accounts for unprofessional behavior. Better hide those beer-guzzling photos and keep the cussing at a minimum.

The best solution is to be mindful of the stuff we post on Facebook. But soon, it seems like you don’t have to move to different website to show off your CV.

Reuters reported that Facebook is working on a professional networking site called “Facebook at Work.” It allows personal profiles to be separated from professional profiles.

When launched, Facebook at Work is set to compete with LinkedIn and Google Plus.

So far, Facebook has not made any comment regarding this move.

According to 2012 data, there are five Filipinos who make a Facebook account every minute, for varying reasons, such as to connect with friends and create online trails of everyday activities. Soon, another reason for joining Facebook would be to impress potential employers.

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