From drivers to conyos, everyone in Manila is now on Twitter



There has been an outbreak of “Of Manila” pages on Twitter, documenting the lives of titas, titos, moms, dads, yayas, ates, kuyas, conyos, hipsters, drivers, what have you. Sure, these accounts seem cartoonish because they heavily bank on stereotypes, but that’s exactly what makes them entertaining.

Okay, perhaps some pages have crossed a line (looking at you, Skwaters and Tambays of Manila), since more privileged persons are obviously managing these accounts. On the other hand, some pages are witty and worth following.

It’s hard to keep track of all the “Of Manila” accounts; there seems to be a new one everyday. As of our last count, there are 48 of them. Here’s a guide to some of pages, so you can decide whose tweets you want to see on your feed.

We broke these accounts into groups: the family members of Manila, the workforce of Manila, the millennials of Manila, and yes, the animals of Manila.

Have fun checking out the Twitter-microcosm of the Philippines.


Family Members of Manila


We wrote about Titas, Titos, Moms, Dads, and Yayas of Manila before, but we definitely missed Ates, Kuyas, and Drivers of Manila.


@AtesOfManila is your typical big sister, who sometimes makes your life hell for you. But beyond being an intrimitida and giving you her unwanted hand-me-downs, she’s always there for you whenever a guy breaks your heart. Well, sort of.


The tweets of @KuyasOfManila are familiar if you have a kuya or a younger brother. Kuyas of Manila could also be the bro-est friend in your barkada, because he does things that are usually done by Kuyas, such as hating on their younger sister’s boyfriend. Just like Dad and Tito, Kuya hates your boyfriend not because he hates hates him, but because he only wants the best for you.  


The family driver of everyone in Manila is the hardworking @DriversOfManila who patiently waits for you to finish clubbing, and gets you home before Dad bombards your phone with “WER KA NA??” texts. Like every driver, he loathes being stuck in traffic and he constantly flirts with @YayasOfManila.

Workforce of Manila

People from the suit-wearing corporate world, frustrated commuters, and over-caffeinated creatives make up the Workforce of Manila. @YuppiesOfManila echoes the voices of young professionals whose spirits are bogged down by hard-to-please clients and evil bosses. The Yuppies are constantly searching for their passion in life, and at the same time, a job that will pay their bills.


The Makati and Ortigas-strutting yuppies, namely @AdPeopleOfMNL, @PlannersOfMNL, @CommMgrsOfMNL, and @ClientsOfManila, together with their duplicates and triplicates, are always looking for ways to dish out their marketing messages. This group’s tweets are mostly work-related. They usually hold conversations (meetings?) among themselves, and sometimes @DevelopersOfMNL and @WritersOfManila are included in the mix. In short, Twitter is their virtual boardroom.


@ProducersOfMNL sometimes work with the advertising people for certain projects. Sometimes they work alone. Their imagination is not constrained by anything, except by funds.


And lastly, Commuters of Manila airs the sentiments of every Filipino commuter, regardless of class, work, and status in life.


Millennials of Manila

Kids these days:


Among all of them, Conyos of Manila is the most popular and most widely followed, and @PasosyalOfMNL is his number one fan. Conyos of Manila is friends with a fellow conyo from down south, @conyosofalabang.

Social commentary by Manila Conyos:


One of Manila Conyos’ buddies is Manila Probinsyanos, who is still getting the hang of living in the city.

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