Craigslist love stories that didn’t happen, or did they?

“Your Hand In Mine” during a concert

Aside from new jobs or second-hand couches, some people actually seek love on Craigslist. They type their feelings away because that’s all that they can do, or because they missed the courage to do something at the moment when they felt a spark — whether in a hip concert or at the fruits section of a grocery store. Now, all they’re left with is a long shot and a public declaration of their love.

Amidst the shameless advertisement of prostitution and typewritten obscenities, we found a few sincere “missed connection” posts under Craigslist Manila. Are you the one they are looking for? (Ed. note: Text is also quoted in blocks for better viewing, or click the photos to read actual posts)


The post rockers

“Thank you for making me feel less lonely that night.” (Craigslist)

“I went to the Explosions In The Sky concert with a guy friend I secretly had feelings for and was stupid enough to hope we’d have a moment or something (we did not). He kept leaving my side to go around, so I was mostly alone during the performances. You were standing beside me, and I knew you were there by yourself, too (I saw you earlier at the lobby and thought to myself, how strange is this guy for bringing a _____ to a concert). A couple of times we exchanged glances; I even felt you looking at me while I teared up over the songs. By the time EITS started playing Your Hand In Mine, I was openly crying like a baby, partly because the song was even more beautiful live, partly because I realised my friend’s never coming around. I don’t know if you meant to do it, but I felt you step closer, your arm touching mine. We stood like that till the concert ended. That was my first memory of gentleness in a long time, so if you’re reading this, I just want to thank you for making me feel less lonely that night. Thank you, stranger. I would love to buy you coffee or beer, and ask about that “weird” thing you brought to the concert sometime.”


The bartender

“The bartender” (Craigslist)

“I know this is a long shot but I’m taking chances! You are the semi kalbo bartender sa Gramercy 71 out in the balcony! You are really cute and I liked you! Ako yung pinoy na umorder sayo I think 3 times. Let me know kung ano yung inorder ko sayo na may red bull. Lol. If you see this message , please respond back. I would like to know you more! Cheers! :p hope to hear back from you!”


The auditions

“It’s my favorite color.” (Craigslist)

“Our eye met when we were already inside the sitting area. You were seated by right column while I was on the left. The meeting of our eyes was when you were moving forward and was about to take a seat. It locked on for seconds. I was flushed so I quickly shifted my contact. I guess you were about to nod or smile when I looked the other way. You changed your sight too for minutes and looked back if I was looking. I was about to turn on your direction when you’ve already turned away. Honestly speaking I was still staring at you until made it onward. I just lost sight of you when you got your form and went back with those had theirs.”


Just my imagination

“just my imagination” (Craigslist)

“you were a white guy drinking beer in a restaurant close to Seattles Best earlier today around 3pm. saw you kept looking my way while i was with some friends. not sure if you were interested in me or it was just my imagination but whenever i looked you were looking at me. if you this guy tell me what colour shirt i was wearing and what you were wearing so i know its you. this is a long shot but maybe you see this. hit me up and tell me what you had in mind.”


Fast food romance

“I found you interesting” (Craigslist)

“Just had a siopao in chowking. I was smoking outside. i found you interesting. Saw you drinking pineapple juice. You walked to your car. You put your bag on the passenger seat. You entered your car. We kinda looked at each other, several glances. You left, made a u turn. Then, you parked on the other side of the street. I didnt know what to do. I wanted to get my car and follow you. Instead, i walked towards your car but you left. Sad.”


The “kolehiyala”

“some how iba ka eh” (Craigslist)

“I never had a problem talking to an attractive girl like u pero some how iba ka eh , di ko alam bkt pero pag nakikita kita , naninigas katawan ko , as in literally mawawala ako sa sarili ko , baka dahil inocente itsura mo or I dont know… and I do belieave name mo is dinah , and I would love to get to know u more so if mabasa mo ito which I hope , message me here :)”


The TV writer

“I wanted to get your name” (Craigslist)

“I was wearing a blue shirt from a TV show I worked for in the states.

You smiled, I smiled back.

I wanted to get your name but I had a companion with me.

Are you around? “


The angel at the church

“stupid me that don’t have the courage to approach you which makes me regret it until now.” (Craigslist)

“I saw you when you are going down the stairs and when you reach the floor our eyes meet each other for about 5 seconds and then i turn around, stupid me that don’t have the courage to approach you which makes me regret it until now. You have the “angel face” ( beautiful, white, and innocent ) with long dark hair. I have been thinking about you since then, trying so hard to meet you again but never did since that time. “


The peripheral vision

“I slowed down, so that you’d pass me i’d get to smile at you.” (Craigslist)

“i noticed you in my peripheral vision and slowed down, so that you’d pass me and i’d get to smile at you. i stopped at the area of the tag detectors, turned to my right but you passed my left side so you swerved in front of me and straightened out your hair.”


The fruits section

“you were very beautiful so I smiled at you.” (Craigslist)

“i smiled as i saw you pushing your small cart through the fruits section. you were wearing brown business attire (i think that was brown) and looked japanese. you were very beautiful so i smiled at you again when you passed a few moments later.”


The secret desire

“I am aching from the daily torture I bear from you
being so near, yet so far from my grasp.” (Craigslist)

“You see, I’m your boss and you’re one of my staff. I find you
very attractive and hot that not a day passes by that I don’t secretly
ogle you and fantasize about holding you tightly in my arms as we make
passionate love. I am aching from the daily torture I bear from you
being so near, yet so far from my grasp. In my mind, even if at times I
try to fool myself in believing otherwise, I know my desire for you
will be forever just that, a fantasy, nothing more, because I am almost
twice your age, married, and I have a very a strict personal policy
never to to get involved with a subordinate. I do not want risk getting
slapped with a harassment suit.”

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