Do you know the real names of kuya guard or ate cashier? Coke Philippines melts our hearts with its latest Share a Coke ad

(Youtube/ Coca-Cola)


Coke Philippines has done it again. A few years ago, it was that tear-jerking Christmas OFW project that struck a note with Filipinos everywhere. This time they’ve hit a chord much closer to home — so close, in fact, the characters involved might be in your building, or your lunch break, or your commute home.

How many times have you called someone kuya or ate? The lunch lady at the cafeteria every weekday; the security guard at your office building; the parking attendant you meet every morning — they all have names, and yet how many of them do you really know?


In a clever combination of heartwarming thoughtfulness and marketing genius, Coke Philippines jumped on this very-Filipino trait and used the Share a Coke campaign to call us out for our habits, and, of course, show that we can care by giving (surprise!) a Coke with kuya’s and ate’s names on it.

Whether the ad is actually scripted or not is up for debate. As Adweek explained

The three-minute commercial, created by McCann, is documentary-style, but filming true story lines would require some real logistical contortions, so more likely the whole thing is staged.

But that’s probably beside the point. Coke just won the internet again — as it has done many times before. Whether it’s Coke Philippines, or Coke in the Middle East with bottle caps used for phone calls, they’ve always managed to tug at humanity’s heartstrings.

The “Happiest Thank You,” as the ad is called, has won international praise: it garnered Adweek’s Ad of the Day feature, and was also featured by The Blaze.

See the full video below: