Cholesterol 101: Double Down Dog and other insane Filipino fast food creations


KFC recently introduced us to their newest creation, the Double Down Dog. Although the Double Down Dog sounds like some kind of wild animal—well, it sort of is—it’s actually a hot dog smothered in cheese sauce, wrapped in a fried chicken breast.

KFC happily describes it as “the meatiest Original Recipe Chicken Fillet with a Tender Juicy Chick’n Cheese Hotdog topped with Honey Mustard and Relish dressing!”

Meanwhile on the internet, the Double Down Dog has been called an “abomination,”  a “food travesty,”  a “crime against humanity,” and a “depraved assault on your digestive tract.” Not very kind words, but all the attention the Double Down Dog is getting only adds to the hype surrounding it.

In fact, the Double Down Dog is so pa-chicks: It’s extremely elusive and selective. The DDD is available in just 11 KFC stores from January 26-27, and only 50 pieces will be sold per day.

Before the big reveal, KFC aired a TV ad which promised us that “a New Double Down is coming.” Now that the DDD is here, we wish they went with the Sisig Double Down instead. Hey KFC, if you’re gonna kill people with your food, you might as well go all out.

But the DDD isn’t the first fast food item that’s weirded us out. For years, fast food companies have been churning out things that have either disgusted or wowed us. From KFC’s experimental cheese-powder chicken to McDonald’s timid yet practical McRice Burger, here’s a look at weird and extraordinary fast food items that we both loved and hated.

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KFC Crispy Cheese Chicken

Last year, we witnessed the unholy union of fried chicken and cheese-flavored Clover Chips, proving that KFC is at the top of the game called “Misguided Food Creations.”


Double Down

The mother of the DDD, the Original Double Down looks tame next to its spawn, like Korea’s Zinger Double Down.


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McRice Burger

The McRice Burger was a nifty take on breakfast-on-the-go. Can someone please invent a Tapsilog Burger?


Pizza Hut Hotdog/Burger/Chicken Stuffed Crust

Pizza Hut came up with a clever way of making people who hate pizza crust fall in love with pizza crust.


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KFC Cheese Top Burger

KFC’s Cheese Top Burger was the Superman of hamburgers: It wore its underwear (the cheese) outside its pants (the buns).


Lechon Pizza (Pizza Hut and Greenwich)

Pizza Hut and Greenwich both introduced their own versions of this festive treat. If you can’t get a suckling pig for your nephew’s binyag, it’s alright, just order a lechon *climactic pause* pizza.


Jollibee Ultimate Burger Steak

We’re not sure if it’s gastronomically acceptable to lay a burger steak on a bed of fries AND pair it with rice AND top the rice with a fried egg. But Jollibee nailed what a proper carbsfest looks like.


Jollibee Hash Brown Burger

Jollibee’s Hash Brown Burger, on the other hand, looks like a more conservative cousin of the infamous Double Down.




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