Infinitely interesting or just downright LOL-funny: 9 Twitter users you should follow

Infuse some fun into your Twitter feed! (Screen capture via @rolandtolentino)

Just like the good old dailies, Twitter includes relevant issues that need to be talked about, useless stories that essentially fill space, and a large chunk of unwarranted opinions.

Most people get into this social network without really knowing what to do with it. Do you say hello to your followers (if you have any)? Or do you just tweet about what you’re thinking of having for lunch?

The moment you cross the line from being a spectator to a participant of the Twitterverse, getting out is extremely difficult. How could you when people you look up to, be it a celebrity or a crush, suddenly reply to your tweet? Or follow you — if you’re THAT lucky?

But what’s even more amazing is following tweets of people who aren’t Anne Curtis-popular but have thoughts that are mind-boggling, infinitely interesting, inspiring or just downright LOL-funny. They’re closer to the average person, only a bajillion times wittier. These people are the core essence of the platform — a perfect representation of how random and purposeful Twitter is.

Check out a few of the must-follow Filipino accounts whose tweets will have you thinking, “Wow, I wish I was friends with that person!”


Franco Mabanta @FrancoMabanta

“Here’s the secret to twitter: the absolute best people to follow are the ones who know exactly who they are in real life. They always come through.”


Rolando Tolentino @rolandtolentino

“I tweet because there’s a public. I come from a literary and political background, being a writer and fictionist, and the platform allows me to reach a different public. With tweets about love and politics, written in what I hope is still literary, my aim is to instill a passion about life, the choices we make, and the nation.”


Marie Jamora @mariejamora

“Here are the reasons of why I tweet (in order of importance):

1) Sharing anything new that is happening in my work

2) Reviewing the films that I have recently watched

3) Occasionally ranting about what pisses me off”


Philbert Dy @philbertdy

“I’m a film critic. A lot of my tweets are first drafts of ideas that eventually end up on my reviews. It’s basically a channel for faster feedback on the movies that I watch, since I often tweet just minutes after the credits end. It’s also a challenge to myself, a constrained writing exercise designed to force me to make my thoughts as clear and concise as possible. And as with almost everything else I do in my capacity as a Filipino film critic, I’m trying to seed discourse on our cinema, which hasn’t seen nearly enough thoughtful discussion in the last couple of decades.


Jade Castro @castrojade

“Why i tweet: because i don’t blog anymore. What motivates me to tweet what i tweet: when whatever i say can fit into 140 characters.”


Grace Velasco @divasoria

“I basically post stuff that I like and think my friends would like to read as well. It’s curating articles for people of the same interest and background.”



Gabe Mercado @gabemercado

“I love tweeting because it’s the easiest way for me to socialize and find out what’s happening with the world without having to go out into the world. Twitter feels like a friendly neighborhood bar to me. If curated right, your feed can be friendly, informative, hilarious and a source of diverse opinions and ideas, plus there’ son pressure in following people back or struggling with the question if you really are friends with a person or not – you can just follow or be followed.”


Anna Oposa @annaoposa

“Why I tweet:

1) Get updates on relevant news (i.e., relevant to my work and other interests)

2) To connect with like-minded people

3) Promote events/projects that I’m part of”


Lucy of Fully Booked @_FullyBooked

“I like to tweet because that’s how we can get in touch with other bookworms, and more importantly, how bookworms can get in touch with us in the most convenient way! Anything I find that I think fellow booklovers would also enjoy, I post—a quote, an image, a link, a #bookwormproblem. It’s also really fun to discuss titles that we’ve just read or movie adaptations that are coming out, especially now that summer blockbuster season is about to start!”