Benhur Luy’s digital files include lyrics to ‘Stickwitu’ by The Pussycat Dolls

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Benhur Luy’s digital files, which were submitted to the NBI and also published by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, is a treasure trove detailing transactions between Janet Lim Napoles, various non-government organizations, and countless lawmakers and government officers.

The files contain thousands of documents with a dizzying list of filenames that run the gamut from incredibly specific, to incredibly vague. 

One filename among many reads “2008 2T-NABCOR-DA Authority Request-ABONO ROCS-08-07559 October 06, 2008.doc” while others come with vague titles like “Auditors Report.”

But while the files are truly exhaustive and detailed, they also contain a few interesting tidbits that might not be directly related to the investigations, but reveal insights into other files Benhur Luy had in his possession.

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Among the more curious inclusions, a Word document with the filename “Ohhh” actually contained lyrics to the Pussycat Doll’s “Stickwitu” song. Another file, called “Boys of Summer,” contained lyrics to the song of the same name by the band The Ataris.


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Luy’s hard drive, as uploaded by the Inquirer, also contained several documents that related to the mathematical theory of the golden ratio. 


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The drive also revealed a particular fondness for religious-themed music, with lyrics and notes to songs like “Hail, Oh Mary, Uncorrupt Dove.”

Files containing a list of birthdays were also kept for each month of the year. In “December Birthdays 2011,” among those listed were birth dates for several people with surnames Lim, Napoles, and Luy. Also included was an entry for December 25, marked as “Birth of Lord Jesus Christ.”