Alleged chupacabra/ werewolf/ vampire dog in Romblon attacks. Again.

(Michael Snipes/ Flickr/


The saga of an unknown creature that massacres goats in Romblon continues.

Eleven days before the onset of another full moon, the unfortunate goats of Sibale Island have once again been snacked on by alleged werewolves.

The governor of Romblon has already given a “shoot-on-sight” order against the peculiar beings, but they have been elusive.

Deo Atillano, the executive secretary to the mayor, said in a report that the massacre is taking its toll on the island, which, according to him, is one of the most peaceful places in the country.

“The only major activity here is gossiping and rumor-mongering among the women. The islanders have limited access to the Internet and very few households have television sets,” he said.

According to a representative of the Office of the Provincial Veterinarian of Romblon in a phone interview, they have now sought help from the Regional Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory in Lipa, Batangas in examining the remains of the goats.

They added that no significant updates have been made yet, as of writing time.

For the meantime, the locals of the Sibale Island have their bolos and sharpened sticks ready, in case the creature strikes again.