Jinggoy won’t accept the apology of the thief who pooped inside his house

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On June 5, Saturday, two men broke into the house of Senator Jinggoy Estrada in Corinthian Hills, Quezon City.

The Senator thinks that the robbery is an inside job. Apparently, Eric Dalagan, one of the suspects, was a former worker in the Estrada household.

CCTV footage reveals that the thieves stayed around 4-5 hours inside the Estrada house, and man did they take their time.

Aside from filching jewelry and cash from the rooms, the men even made themselves a midnight snack in the kitchen and one of them pooped on the balcony and other parts of the house.

“The other day, mayroong natagpuan na ano at ang pinang-takip pa doon sa kanyang dumi ay short pants pa ng anak kong bunso,” said Estrada.

Oh, the horror: An old turd concealed by a pair of shorts.

The suspect has apologized to Estrada, saying, “I’m sorry for everything. I didn’t know it was your house. I’m really sorry, Senator.”

Dalagan was caught and beaten by security personnel before he was turned over to police.

Estrada refuses to accept this apology, mainly due to the trauma the incident has caused on his family. Estrada said he felt helpless during the incident, as he is currently detained at Camp Bagong Diwa for plunder and graft charges.

“Hindi ko alam kung gawain ito ng matinong tao,” said the Senator, who is obviously not a thief himself.

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