8 reasons why you should be on Tinder even if you’re not looking to date


Tinder, the popular dating app, makes meeting people quick and easy. It allows you to connect with hundreds of people near your location, all through the swipe of a thumb. We can tell you for a fact that it’s not the cure-all to dating, although it can certainly help. But other than dating or hooking up, how else can you use Tinder? When the app first started to infiltrate the Philippines, it was discreet. You only told your closest friends you were on Tinder.

When someone asked how you and the new guy met, the answer was “Anything but Tinder.”

But that was months ago. Today, Tinder is almost as mainstream as Facebook. “We met on Tinder” no longer carries a stigma.

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In fact, Tinder has gotten to the point where a sizable number of people using the app aren’t using it for dating at all. The convenience of Tinder, not to mention its ability to quickly expand your social network, has made it an incredibly valuable tool in today’s digital world.

If you open up the app now, you’re just as likely to see someone promoting their own blog, or selling cookies for the holiday season, as you are to someone who’s genuinely interested in finding a connection.

As with any tool, it takes only a little out-of-the-box thinking to use Tinder in a whole new way. We’ve rounded up eight ways you can use Tinder other than dating.

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Networking and Self-promotion

Are you scared that people at work will discover that you’re on Tinder? Don’t be. First, being on Tinder doesn’t lessen your professionalism. Second, being on Tinder can actually help you with your job, if you know how to use it right. Believe it or not, there are people who use their LinkedIn profiles—complete with skills and work experience—as their Tinder profiles. Describing yourself as a dedicated multitasker and strong communicator doesn’t come of as romantic, except maybe in a “50 Shades” kind of way, but you might just find career opportunities on Tinder. It’s also not uncommon to see people promoting their businesses and professional services on the app.



For marketers, journalists, researchers, or anyone who just wants to get a feel for how people might respond to an idea or topic, Tinder is an excellent tool for crowdsourcing. It can work like Reddit, where you can ask questions to a bunch of random strangers, who can hopefully offer something substantial for your work. Although Tinder takes more effort to use than Reddit, since you have to survey people one-by-one, it puts a human face to your sources. Since their real pictures and your common friends show up on the app, your Tinder matches-slash-sources might be more accountable than vague usernames on the internet.



If there’s a traveling app that’s just as useful as TripAdvisor, it’s Tinder. Since it’s a location-based app, Tinder is your gateway to meeting locals easily. Is there a better way to learn about a new city than asking a local? Tell them you’re a tourist who’s looking for a good place to eat or a hidden attraction to explore. Their recommendations may not appear on your guidebook, but if you want to know a place from a local’s standpoint, then give Tinder Tourism a try. As this article puts it, Tinder is the new Lonely Planet.


Practicing a new language

An offshoot of Tinder Tourism, your foreign Tinder matches can help you improve your deplorable French.


Spotting cheaters

Swiping through Tinder profiles can be a cringe-worthy experience. It’s awkward seeing high school acquaintances pop up on your screen, let alone former college professors.  But what’s even more awkward is finding out that your friend’s significant other is “DTF and looking for fun” in the app.


Knowing someone’s sexual preference

Your new coworker’s sexuality is fodder for office gossip. There’s no way you can ask him outright about his sexual preference. That type of confrontation takes a different kind of mettle. But thanks to Tinder (and the option to choose male or female matches), you discover that he is, in fact, into guys. Now that your curiosity has been appeased, please, let him Tinder in peace.


Making up characters / Creative inspiration

Are you having trouble making believable characters for your new film or short story? A swiping session might fuel your creativity. Ramon, 28, an office worker/struggling musician who has only two monochromatic looking-away-from-the-camera photos on his profile, is the perfect character for your dark, psychological thriller. If he ever sues you for including him in your masterpiece, don’t forget to tell him that any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. And you might want to add that he’s the only person you know who overuses the man inside a bathtub emoji.


Boosting your ego

You may not find true love on Tinder, but if you’re seeking validation from strangers, you’ll definitely find it there: You are late for work for the fourth time in a row, but you have over 500 matches; You have been ungraciously friendzoned by the person you like, but several good-looking strangers have sent you a “Hey ;);” You are about to become unemployed, but Sarah, 24, who is gorgeous beyond belief, laughed at all your jokes and even invited you for coffee.

Say what you will about Tinder, but it can make you feel as if you’re winning in life somehow.


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