7 things that make living in Quezon City special

Quezon City at night. (Ralph Malala/ Flickr/ https://flic.kr/p/ktqQkj)


Welcome to the land of Metro Manila, where “North” is equivalent to Quezon City and “South” means the general (and surrounding) area of Muntinlupa. (One would think that with basic geography comes the knowledge that technically speaking, the true North of the Philippines is Batanes and the legitimate South is Tawi-Tawi, but I digress.)

Growing up in the South is fun in the sense that it gives you a slow and steady lifestyle. However, being shipped off to Quezon City means living away from the peacefulness one has grown accustomed to. It was time to brave the North, stereotyped as busier and more active than the “chill” South. Suffice it to say, for a sheltered Southerner, living in the North was the start of a grand adventure.

Here are seven reasons why:


1| There’s always something going on

The South is always described as “chill” and “relaxed,” while the North would be typified by words like busy, active, or even noisy. Sure, fun can be had in the South’s own tranquil way, but who are we kidding, anyway? If it’s excitement, late nights and quirky places that you seek, come to the North. We’ll show you the meaning of fun in the reasons to follow.


2| Maginhawa’s comfort food

South people know that the best place to go on a food trip is in Aguirre. The long stretch of restaurants, bars and all kinds of stores can be found there, yes, but the North has its own “Aguirre,” so to speak: the famous Maginhawa street. Here you’ll find some of the most unique and sought-after restaurants QC has to offer. Need a new place for a date? Try the eclectic dining experience at Van Gogh is Bipolar! De-stressing after finals week? Chill out with some good books at Cool Beans! Catching up with a friend? Head on over to the many milk tea shops Maginhawa has to offer. Regardless of where you eat, you and your appetite are sure to have a good time.


3| MORE food at Tomas Morato!

If you’re done sampling Maginhawa’s quaint and kitschy cafes and restaurants, head on over to Tomas Morato, which some call by the name of “The Restaurant Avenue.” With its lineup of restaurants, it’s not hard to see why. Try a slice of cake at The Chocolate Kiss, eat a burger at Goodfellas, or gorge on mouth-watering steaks at Alfredo’s Steaks.


4| Quenching your thirst at the local bars

Drink the night, your problems or the latest heartache — take your pick — away at the many bars at Timog Avenue. If you want the convenience of shopping or a movie before you have that fun night out with friends, there’s always Eastwood’s many restaurants and bars for you to choose from.


5| Getting up close and personal with nature and history

The North readily gives a crash course in Philippine history for anyone who’s willing to seek it out. Visit the Quezon Memorial Circle for its historical museum and hidden gem of a garden. Go beyond what you learned in high school about martyrs and heroes at the Bantayog ng mga Bayani. For nature lovers, there’s the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center and the  La Mesa Eco Park for you to get in touch with the local flora and fauna.


6| Bargain finds!

Anonas, Kamuning, Cubao—these are only some of the ukay-ukay hotspots in the North. What could be more fun than scoring great clothes at bargain prices? If it’s books you’re looking for, it’s time for a trip back to Maginhawa for Bookay-Ukay, its well-loved and sought-after bookstore.


7| Immersing yourself in culture

In the UP Diliman campus alone, you can already find a gallery and a museum, with the former being located at the Bulwagan ng Dangal (look for the UP Main Library) and the latter being Vargas Museum. The Ateneo Art Gallery frequently features pieces by notable artists as well! Of course, what kind of talk about culture would be complete without a trip to the mecca of counter-culture on this side of town: Cubao X?


It’s nice to be able to experience the best of both poles of Metro Manila, but for someone craving just a little more excitement and activity, the hustle and bustle of the North is for you. From gastronomic pursuits, endangered wildlife, history lessons, the North’s got it all—and more. So hang on tight and jump in!

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