7 love and life lessons we can learn from Jamich




Jamvhille Sebastian of the popular YouTube duo Jamich passed away this morning. He succumbed to lung cancer.

Jam was engaged to his girlfriend Michelle Liggayu last May. The pair became famous for their YouTube videos, which they produced and acted in, about love and relationships.

Like the average artista, Jamich has gained plenty of fans and endorsements as they became more famous over the years. For non-Jamich fans, it’s easy to dismiss them as another “love team” that’s too baduy or too jej to like. But as Amanda Lago pointed out, what makes Jamich different from an artista love team is the fact that they are real people—an ordinary guy and an ordinary girl who turned the camera inwards, so that people could see “the ordinariness of their relationship and the banal way it is shared.”

Whether you like them or you hate them, whether your tastes are too highbrow to find them relevant at all, Jamich did give us valuable lessons on life and love, and the strength that it takes to fight for both.


Wala kang pakialam kahit corny, ‘pag in love ka, in love ka. Parang nasa heaven.

– Jam, By Chance


Naging komportable na kami. Na minsan, sa pagiging komportable, doon niyo pa lang makikilala ang bawat isa.

– Jam, By Chance



Love itself is life. Not all the time you were in for love is happiness. Sometimes you have to give in to its bitterness, but no matter what, as long as you decide to go on and continue, it will be more beautiful.

– Mich, By Chance


Love is about giving sacrifices. ‘Yung trials nagpapatibay sa inyo.

– Mich, YouTube Philippines event, June 2014


Kung wala kang kotse o ‘yung mga mamahaling bagay, okay lang yun, pakita mo lang kung ano ‘yung praktikal, kung anong meron ka, ‘yun ka.

– Jam, My Better Half



Importante din po ‘yung friendship, pero importante din na ‘yung friendship na ‘yun, huwag masyadong mapunta sa comfort zone to the point na mawala na ‘yung spark. Importante na open din po kayo sa nararamdaman ninyo for each other. And siyempre, ‘yung relationship with God.

– Mich, Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho interview, April 2014


Minsan ang pagmamahal, kunyari malakas ka, pero mahina ka pala. Kunyari matapang ka, pero duwag ka pala. Pero ganito pala ‘yung feeling. Nakakatakot. Nakakatorpe. Nakakapanghina. Kasi totoo ‘yung nararamdaman mo.

– Jam, Classmates love story

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