6 things Chris Brown can do while he’s stuck in the Philippines

(Wikimedia Commons)

Chris Brown can’t leave the Philippines. Details have emerged about the lawsuit filed by the Philippine Arena management company of Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) against Chris Brown and his local promoter, Mike Pio Roda. The charges stem from talent fees paid to Chris Brown over his cancelled New Year’s Eve concert at the Philippine Arena on January 31, 2014. INC’s complaint alleges that the singer and his promoter have not returned the talent fees, and have asked the Department of Justice to intervene on their behalf.

While the complaints will most likely be sorted out soon, Chris Brown has been forced to extend his stay in Manila. He’s spent the night at the Nobu Hotel located in Manila’s City of Dreams. Since Brown could be stuck here for a while, he must be wondering about how he could possibly spend his days in big, bad, Metro Manila.

He doesn’t need to worry, though. While Manila maybe notorious for stifling traffic and scorching heat, there are more than enough activities to keep him productive and further enhance his music career if he continues to be grounded in the Philippines.

1. Music Video with Cebu Dancing Inmates

Since he’s stuck here anyway, why not just go and shoot his next music video with the world-famous dancing inmates in Cebu? Chris Brown has been known to give a great impression of Michael Jackson, and the inmates can rock the Thriller like no other prison in the world — it’s a perfect match!

2. Music Video in Bilibid just like drug lord Herbert Colangco

Alright, Chris Brown isn’t going to jail here. But let’s just say things got really bad and he did some stuff that could get him jailed — you know, he’s done it before! The prospects for prison life in the Philippines couldn’t be any better for a talented recording artist like Chris Brown. There’s a full studio inside our prison, and he could name his next album “Bilibid.”

3. Special guest on Noontime Shows

Chris Brown could entertain the masses by gracing the stage of Willie Revillame’s new noontime show. He could even be the one to hand out jackets. Why not? It would be a great way of introducing Black Pyramid, Brown’s hiphop clothing line, to a big audience.

4. Kris Aquino’s leading man

Because our singers also delve into acting, Chris Brown could launch his acting career by starring in a Kris Aquino romcom/horror flick. Brown may already have acting experience, such as a stint in The OC, but acting in a Filipino movie—with Tagalog speaking lines, no less—would show how versatile he is as a performer.

5. Judge in a talent search

With his undeniable talent, Chris Brown could judge an artista search alongside our local celebrities. His inclusion as a judge would add some much needed variety to our balladeer- and pop star-dominated music scene.

6. Become the next David Pomeranz

If Chris Brown ends up loving the Philippines so much, he could rethink his entire career and pull a David Pomeranz. He could even cover a Filipino song.

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