5 Filipino celebrities who are suddenly EDM artists


Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that EDM is a thing.

“Lurking and growing quietly under our mother soil, it is slowly starting to emerge from the underground. Electronic Dance Music is slowing yet steadily starting to creep into the beat-conscious Filipino,” according to EDM Philippines, a website dedicated to the local electronic dance music scene.

True enough, EDM has been ruling the airwaves, with more and more Filipinos listening to EDM tracks both foreign and local. Here, acts like Never the Strangers and Kidwolf have elevated EDM to mainstream OPM. Further proof: Manila is now home to Asia’s largest nightclub. But as with all music genres, not all EDM is created equal. There are EDM enthusiasts who will sneer at you for listening to poppy, mainstream EDM. Liking choice EDM acts, on the other hand, equates to a certain brand of cool.

With the popularity of EDM, it’s no surprise that there’s been a recent upsurge of dance clubs and music festivals in the country, not to mention the sudden rise of celebrities-turned-EDM artists. From their pop and ballad roots, these singers have now infused synth-filled beats and dubstep elements into their recordings. It is, in many ways, similar to the early days of EDM-inspired top 40 hits, when DJs like David Guetta started collaborating and producing with artists such as the Black Eyed Peas. Today, the same feel-good chorus pulsing over a house beat can be seen in the works of Karylle and Ai Ai delas Alas, among others.

Can you blame them? Music, like most other pop culture obsessions, is very much a cycle of trends, and producers and celebrities simply want to ride the EDM wave. As for the results…well, we’ll leave that up to you.


Ai Ai delas Alas

Ai Ai has added “EDM Diva” to her repertoire. Don’t call her Ai Ai though: In the EDM world, she goes by the name ADA. But “Ai-vicii” and “Ai-lesso” might work, too.



Karylle’s song is rife with clichés and ambiguous lyrics such as, “Ooh, we can make it happen/Take it, take it higher/Flowing like a river/Love is getting stronger, stronger, stronger.”


Nadine Lustre

Teen star Nadine Lustre, unsurprisingly, sings about love. Hit play and expect lyrics like, “And I always knew that we would be finding a way back eventually/And this time, I hope we never part.”

Maja Salvador

Watch out for the rap, and that extended dancing part toward the 2/3rd mark of the song.


Toni Gonzaga

From the title alone, you wouldn’t expect this song to be about God. But as Pink once sang, “If God is a DJ/ life is a dancefloor.” So, rave on.


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