14 hilarious fan posters of ‘That Thing Called Tadhana’


Filipinos are eternally sawi. We love telenovelas and rom-coms and girl-meets-boy stories. We love unforgettable lines and scenes that resonate with us.

Antoinette Jadaone’s film “That Thing Called Tadhana” has surely tugged at the heartstrings of everyone who’s seen it. The movie supposedly answers Tita Whitney Houston’s famous 1987 song/rhetorical question “Where do broken hearts go?”

Like Mace, we’ve been through energy-draining breakups. We’ve looked for easy answers to questions like “Paano ba makalimot?”


“That Thing Called Tadhana” has indeed struck a chord with many viewers. Fans are doing the “Tadhana” pose, as seen on the movie poster, and posting them on social media.

The fan-made versions may not induce the same kilig as the original “Tadhana” poster, but you have to admit: They’re pretty creative!









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