12 Filipino Twitter accounts to make you laugh


Aside from being a source of news, celebrity gossip, and updates from your friends’ mundane lives, Twitter is a great source of comic relief. Only the funniest people can make you crack up with a single tweet. Filled with jokes, puns, and offhanded humor, what follows is a list of funny Twitter accounts you should follow right now.


Joey de Leon

The king of wordplay (his handle is “AngPoetNyo”) Joey de Leon mostly tweets about social and political issues, always giving his punny take on the matter.


Brod Pete

(But mostly funny RTs)

Alien! Brod Pete brings his Ang Dating Daan humor to Twitter. Too bad his feed is mostly composed of retweets from news websites. More of his funny stuff can be found on his verified Facebook page.


No, this isn’t a parody account—and that makes @PNPhotline even funnier. We salute you, sirs.


Coños of Manila

Most of the “Of Manila” accounts have gone into obscurity now and only the wittiest have survived.

Titas of Manila

Dads of Manila


Gabe Mercado

Comedian Gabe Mercado of Okay ka ba tiyan? fame also sings vocals for Da Pulis and has played small roles in TV and film. He has also been active in advocating adoption for couples and single parents.


Annabelle Rama

The famous matriarch of the prominent Gutierrez clan is also on Twitter! True to her tita-ness, she mostly plugs her Instagram account whenever she posts something new. Tita Annabelle, you can actually link your IG to your Twitter account.


Ramon Bautista

Self-proclaimed internet action star Ramon Bautista’s tweets are sure to brighten up your feed.



Superstarmarian is one of the first celebrity parody accounts and she’s still going strong. #Meynteyn


So, What’s News?

The satire news website-slash-blog mixes current events and political commentary with humor and sarcasm.


Professional Heckler

The multi-awarded blogger also does a lot of commentary on politics, society, showbiz, and sports. Although his blog says that he “heckles,” his take on the current issues are still worth retweeting.


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