12 simple hacks to save on your next fast food order



Nobody wants to be tagged as a naggy customer, but sometimes you just can’t help yourself, particularly when the fried chicken on your plate suspiciously looks like a one-day old chick, or when your cheeseburger is as tough as rubber. We have all been disappointed by the food we order: what appears on our plate doesn’t exactly resemble what the ads promise. But heck, don’t they always? And realizing that getting Value Meal #1 is more expensive than assembling your own meal can be even more frustrating.

You may say that you get what you pay for, especially with fast food, but there are ways of making sure that you maximize your hundred peso bill. Courtesy of the enterprising users of Reddit Philippines, along with some useful tips sourced from our own readers, here’s a compilation of food hacks that will turn you into the Yoda of fast food. So the next time you decide to grab some burger and fries, treat it as a challenge: Get the most value, not to mention carbs, for your cash. Sounds deal-icious? Then read on.


Add fruits (kind of) to your breakfast by putting strawberry preserves in your Sausage McMuffin

“…adding a sachet of strawberry preserves to the Sausage McMuffin gives you a different flavor.”

— Annie May, 30, Bacolod


Have you overcome your childhood hatred for pickles and onions?

(Saffronstreaks/ WordPress)

“…You can also ask for additional onions/relish for the Cheeseburger/Quarter Pounder in McDonalds too.”

— Annie May, 30, Bacolod


You may also do the same for Burger King

“You can replace or add additional toppings (pickles, tomato, etc) in Burger King if you ask.”

— Nods, Tarlac


For extra crunch, the KFC Twister’s tortilla bread may be toasted twice

A member of the Colonel’s former fast food crew once shared that customers may ask the servers to toast their Twister wrap twice, if they want it more on the burnt, crunchy side.


When in doubt, do away with the potato

Sure, the mashed potato is perhaps one of the best-selling side dishes at KFC, but for a former crew, he’d rather go for the coleslaw or the macaroni salad for a much better value for money. Sorry to disappoint, Sarah.


Hold that diet for a while and order two McDonalds Cheeseburgers for more carbs

Annie May added that buying two ala carte Cheeseburgers at P78 instead of a McDouble at P79 will give you more buns at a one peso difference. Remember, it’s all about the buns.


Desperate for a caffeine fix?


Dinothegonzo’s Starbucks hack might tickle your fancy. Asking the barista to put your Venti Americano in a Grande cup will make your coffee have less water and an extra shot. Plus, it’s also cheaper than ordering an extra shot for your Grande Americano.


Double glaze those chicken wings

Whether you’re a Soy Garlic or a Hot and Spicy kind of person, Reddit user tagabalon added that you may order your BonChon chicken with double the glaze at no extra cost.


Satisfy your spaghetti craving, and more

Annie May and Reddit users paeruginosa and bulbasaurado mentioned that you may ask for more sauce and cheese on your Jollibee and McDonald’s spaghetti for free.


Feeling under the weather? A “classic” hot chocolate from Starbucks might do the trick

Nods added that the “classic” hot chocolate from Starbucks is cheaper than the regular hot chocolate, plus it has lesser whipped cream.


Large coffee at McDonald’s earns you a free refill

(Wendy Macnaughton)

At Php 25, the McDo Premium Roast coffee may just complete your mornings, but Reddit user dagway_nimo added that upsizing it to large earns the customer a free refill. Another Reddit user, Sforza agreed and said that it is cheaper, since:

…Large coffee is +10 pesos, and another cup of regular coffee costs 25 pesos. So it’s like you get three times the amount of coffee for an additional 10 pesos.


Free gravy at MiniStop

At some branches, that is. According to Dinothegonzo. branches that don’t really do well offer free gravy refills for their Uncle John’s Chicken. He also said it’s better to ask for new gravy when ordering chicken for better quality.


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