11 group activities that will bring out your inner tita

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Some people’s idea of a good time is just to kick back and relax like a tita. Hiking up a mountain? No thanks. Booze and loud music? Nope. You’d rather drink tea and play mahjong with your squad, like the old souls you really are. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! To all you non-tita millennials, consider the following group activities if another Friday night of partying doesn’t appeal to you anymore:


Catch-up session over coffee or tea

Instead of that hip new gastropub, gather your friends at a nice, quaint cafe with a good dessert menu. Suggestions? Mary Grace, Conti’s, or TWG. Sharing stories over chamomile tea can be just as fun as a weekend booze-fest. Plus, you don’t have to worry about a hangover the next day.




Try zumba

That’s right. You need a fitness activity to burn off all the Estrelle’s you ate on your catch-up session. Bust your craziest dance moves at a zumba class. Most gyms hold free zumba classes for their members. And since the weather is still gloriously hot, why not join an Aqua Zumba Class? It would be like going to that cool new pool club, except you get to work on your beach bod…Which you will then flaunt in the aforementioned pool club.


Play badminton

Sweat it out with your best amigas and amigos at the badminton court if zumba isn’t your thing.




Play mahjong

Cards Against Humanity is for wussies. The moment your titas, heck even your lolas, crank out their mahjong tiles, you know that it’s party time. They know how to kill it at mahjong, a game that you have no idea how to play. Learn from them and conquer that game like a pro.


Go ballroom dancing

In case you need a switch from Garrix to Sinatra.


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Play bingo

At home or at the mall, an adrenaline-pumping game of bingo is a fun way to spend a lazy afternoon with your friends.


Pamper yourselves

Troop to your favorite salon for a well-deserved pampering session. Get facials, mani-pedis, blowouts, and foot spas, all while exchanging a saucy round of chismis. For extra relaxation, head to Wensha for massages and some sauna time. Better keep an eye on those Ensogo deals.



Shop at Landmark

Bring your squad to Landmark, where clothes, beauty products, home decorations, and kitchenware are within arm’s reach of each other. Landmark’s items are cheaper compared to other malls. Sulit sa budget!


Shop for home supplies

You know that IKEA scene from 500 Days of Summer? That’s totally fun to do in real life. Walking through aisles of brand new sofas, carpets, throw pillows, and scented candles is oddly therapeutic. So what if your Instagram friend scored 10 new crop tops at Forever21? She’s got nothing on your Pottery Barn comforter set.



Learn something new together

Whip up Pinterest guides on baking, origami, cross-stitching, and knitting. These skills will come in handy when Christmas rolls around: Everyone loves a personalized gift! What’s more, you might even find yourself a new hobby.



Go to a weekend bazaar

Because you didn’t stay up all night at some club, you’re energized on a Saturday morning. Invite your friends over to Salcedo Saturday Market, where you can sample a variety of fresh foods and maybe mingle with other groups of titas.


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