10 Pinoy comedy movies that can show you how to party at the beach




It’s officially summer! Many of us are dying to hit the beach as soon as possible, but while we’re still stuck with responsibilities, i.e. work and school, we can only daydream of getting sand on our toes. And what better way to fuel those daydreams than be inspired by the movies, particularly classic Pinoy comedy films. As anyone who loves watching local films knows, no Pinoy comedy film is complete without a song and dance number at the beach or by the pool. We have compiled and chosen 10 musical beach scenes that you might want to recreate on your next vacation. (We’re half-kidding, but bursting into song-and-dance at the beach seriously looks fun!)

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Enteng en Mokong: Kaming mga Mabababaw ang Kaligayahan (1997)

Watch it for: The surprisingly fun and easy-to-follow dance steps you and your crew should definitely try.


Alabang Girls (1992)

Watch it for: The cast gloriously descending on water slides in slow-mo, the heyday of Splash Island, and a young Herbert Bautista.


Andrew Ford Medina: ‘Wag Kang Gamol! (1991)

Watch it for: EVERYTHING, because it’s perfect. Donna Cruz sings “Kapag Tumibok ang Puso,” a song which she gamely performed at Yael Yuzon and Karylle’s wedding last year.


Haba-baba-doo! Puti-puti-poo! (1998)

Watch it for: Childhood nostalgia.


Isprikitik: Walastik Kung Pumitik (1999)

Watch it for: More childhood nostalgia.


Greggy en Boggie (1994)

Watch it for: A singing and dancing Benjie Paras, plus people alternately popping out of coconut trees.


Ano Ba ‘Yan? (1992)

Watch it for: The classic “Entire Cast Gathers at the Beach While End Credits Roll” ending.


Hindi pa Tapos ang Labada, Darling (1994)

Watch it for: People just losing it and giving zero f*cks at a private resort.


Ang Pinakamahabang Baba sa Balat ng Lupa (1997)

Watch it for: A giant octopus slide, lechon, and a flashmob by the pool.


Pablik Enemi 1 n 2: Aksidental Heroes (1997)

Watch it for: Bikini-clad ladies and happy children performing in one musical production.


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